Episode 003

003: The self taught vs. formal education debate

In this episode we're talking about learning design, and discussing whether designers should get a formal education or teach themselves.

We go through what we believe are the pros and cons of both learning methods (we both had our share of awkward critique sessions at university...) and talk about how interesting it is that we work in an industry where you don't have to get a degree to find a job, because experience is so valuable.

As well as some background on our formal educations, you'll also get some links to great online resources we've been using to learn since finishing university. We really want to hear your thoughts on this topic! Tweet us and tell us what you think.

"Once you're into your career and into the experience part, it just doesn't matter how you learnt design."


Show links

Massey University (where we studied)

The ‘Advice for critiquing’ video


Charli’s ‘major project’

Invision reading list



Paul Jarvis

The Creative Class Course by Paul Jarvis



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