Episode 066

066: Morals in design

How do your personal morals fit in with your design work? As designers, and as humans, we have a responsibility to think about the user and put forward work that makes the world better rather than worse. In this episode we discuss ethics and morals, and share examples of a few things we draw the line on.

"These small things come together to form who we are as designers and where the lines are that we don’t want to cross."


Key takeaways

As designers we’re not hired to simply do what we’re told. We want to work with clients rather than just for them to produce good work, so you shouldn’t feel scared to question things you’re not comfortable with or that you think could have a negative impact on the user experience.

If you try to always think from the user’s perspective, you’ll be helping the client achieve their objectives in the long run.

Stay away from blackhat tricks like hiding an unsubscribe link, annoying pop ups or tricking a user into signing up.

Through design and through our projects we’re able to have an influence on the experience a person has during their day. Make it a good one.

Show timestamps

1:35 –  Catchup

6:05 – Our Morals

09:30 – Focussing on the user first

10:35 – Morals vs. Ethics

12:35 – Common design tricks that go against our morals

13:35 – Our personal experiences with morals in our work

16:00 – Client vs. User perspective

18:25 – What our listeners said

23:15 – Do we have a moral responsibility to create good design?

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