Design Life is a podcast about design and side projects for motivated creators. It was born after your hosts, two serial side project addicts, saw a gap in the podcast market for a conversational show about design and the issues young creatives face, that was hosted by two females.

Tune in every Monday for conversations about design and the issues creatives face as they try to progress their careers, juggle side projects, stay motivated and bring ideas to life.

118: Too many passions, not enough time

April 16

Ever have that feeling where you have too many passions and not enough time to do it all? This week we address this question from a listener who’s been struggling with feeling as though she has too many...

117: Articulating design decisions

April 2

Recently, Femke attended a workshop about articulating design decisions and in this episode she shares a few nuggets of wisdom she learned there with you. We also discuss our experience presenting our work and getting stakeholders on board,...

116: An alternative approach to networking

March 12

Networking is a vital part of your design career, but at conferences or meetups it can be hard to drive a meaningful conversation. In this episode we discuss ways to move beyond ‘what do you do?’ when talking...

115: Friendly competition

March 6

Competition can be healthy or harmful, depending on how far you take it! In this episode we discuss an email from a listener about toxic competition, and share our experience with similar situations.

114: Creators Guilt

February 26

Do you ever feel guilty when you're not spending time creating? It turns out, many creatives do. In this episode we discuss this guilt and why it's irrational, and how to cope with it.

113: When to upgrade your technology

February 13

This week we get nerdy and talk about tech; more specifically, upgrading technology. When should you upgrade? Do you always need to have the latest device? How do we decide what to upgrade to? We discuss all of...

112: Redesigning your website

February 5

As designers it sometimes feels like we are perpetually redesigning our own websites! In this episode we discuss our approach to tackling our redesigns and what tools we’re using to build the site, as well as share some...

111: Starting an official business

January 30

As creatives, sometimes dealing with things like finances and paperwork don’t come naturally to us, but they’re important to figure out. In this episode we discuss the legalities and details of setting up an official business including accounting,...

110: Making a career shift

January 24

Both Design Life hosts have made the decision to shift their career in the past and change design disciplines: Femke from marketing to product design, and Charli from print to web design. In this episode we discuss what...

109: Getting started with making videos

January 15

More and more designers and other creatives are starting to make video content these days, and there’s still plenty of room for you! In this episode we discuss getting started with making videos and give advice for dealing...

108: Setting a monthly focus

January 8

In this episode we discuss an approach to getting things done that might help you get more out of 2018 and finally complete some projects you’ve been trying to make time for by setting a monthly focus.

107: Advice for networking

December 18

Networking isn’t just for corporate people in business suits, it’s a handy skill to master as a designer! In this episode we discuss our experience with networking and share our best tips for finding the right people to...