Episode 100

100: Staying consistent with a side project over time

We’ve reached one hundred episodes of the show! So what better topic to talk about than sticking with a side project consistently over a long period time? In this episode we answer questions from our listeners about running a side project for two years, and share advice for how to commit for the long haul.

“If you find something that you love, showing up consistently will be a whole lot easier.”

— Femke

Key takeaways

If you continue to mix things up every now and then with your side project, not only will you and your audience stay interested in it, but you’ll never peak. You always want to be improving and growing as a creator.


As your side project grows and improves, so will your goals. You’ll get better at setting tham, at knowing whats realistic, and at reaching them too!


Systematise the boring, repetitive parts of your creation process. Find ways to save time where you can so that you never feel like you’re in a boring routine, or that you’re wasting your time.


If your side project is a solo one, you need to stay accountable to yourself. Give yourself due dates. Give yourself a schedule. Whatever it takes to stay on track.

Show timestamps

00:20 Intro and community launch announcement
04:15 Reaching 100 episodes of this podcast
06:30 The motivation from hitting a milestone
09:10 Worries about peaking or losing an audience
11:20 Our goals starting a podcast compared to now
13:50 Systems to maintain consistency
19:50 Feeling off and on about a project
24:50 Recommendations on the Design life Community

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