Episode 108

108: Setting a monthly focus

In this episode we discuss an approach to getting things done that might help you get more out of 2018 and finally complete some projects you’ve been trying to make time for by setting a monthly focus.

“You can’t focus completely on everything at once. You have to prioritise in order to get things done.”

— Charli

Key takeaways

1 | Setting a monthly focus forces you to prioritise your ideas. My choosing to move forward with a project you’re leaving room to make bigger improvements and get more done than if you were trying to move forward with all of your ideas at once.

2 | Know what your minimum amount of production is. What do you have to get done and how can you streamline it to allow room for extra work on a specific focus?

3 | Choose a monthly focus that aligns with your goals. Focus on one thing overall rather than one thing for each project. This does mean playing favorites with your projects! But know that getting ahead with one of them is better than making progress with none.

Show timestamps

00:00 Intro and catch up for the new year
04:45 What is a monthly focus?
08:00 Setting your bare minimum
13:45 How to set a routine to make room for a monthly focus
16:00 Choosing a monthly focus
18:45 Playing favorites with your projects
20:30 Focus vs goals
25:35 How we’ll be implementing monthly focuses this year

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