Episode 113

113: When to upgrade your technology

This week we get nerdy and talk about tech; more specifically, upgrading technology. When should you upgrade? Do you always need to have the latest device? How do we decide what to upgrade to? We discuss all of this and more!

“There’s usually only two reasons I’ll upgrade: either if it breaks or if it doesn’t fulfil my needs anymore”

— Femke

Key takeaways

1 | Tech recommendations from friends go a long way. They know you and the way you work best so their advice and thoughts on tech products can be much more useful than tech blogs.

2 | Try to only upgrade when you need to. Usually you only need to upgrade when your technology breaks or when it doesn’t fulfil your needs anymore. 

3 | Sticking to these guidelines helps you save money and stops you wasting tech just because you’re afraid of not having the latest and greatest thing!

Show timestamps

0:00 Intro and catch up
06:00 Our history with upgrading computers
12:30 Different tech for different purposes
14:15 Desktops vs laptops
15:00 Mac vs Windows
16:30 Deciding what to upgrade to
24:00 Deciding when to upgrade
27:50 Recycling tech
31:00 Last words of advice for upgrading

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