Episode 115

115: Friendly competition

Competition can be healthy or harmful, depending on how far you take it! In this episode we discuss an email from a listener about toxic competition, and share our experience with similar situations.

“There is a time and a place where competition is healthy especially to motivate or encourage you to push yourself further than what you thought you could do”

— Femke

Key takeaways

1 | Sharing knowledge with others doesn’t hurt your chances of succeeding. If we all kept everything to ourselves, the world wouldn’t progress as fast.

2 | Healthy competition encourages you to push yourself harder and try new things. It also involves praising the people around you when they do well rather than being a sore loser!

3 | If someone in your life is overly competitive and it’s negatively affecting your learning or working environment, try to explain to them the effect it has on you. At work especially you shouldn’t be competing against each other, but against your business competition! 

4 | Embrace competition but don’t base all your decision making on winning’.

Show timestamps

00:00 Intro and catch up from the same room!
05:45 Our experience with competition
07:50 Are we competitive?
09:45 When competition becomes toxic
12:10 Sharing knowledge
13:50 Competition in the workplace
17:40 The good side of competition
20:20 Lessons learned from competition
23:00 Competition online
26:30 Competing for the same job

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