Episode 120

120: Our biggest flaws as designers

In this episode, we share our current struggles, both personal and professional and what we are doing to overcome them. We also look at the struggles we faced in our careers in the past, and talk about the catalysts that helped us to change.

“This isn’t a race, and its okay that you’re not the Tobias Van Schneider or whatever yet - there’s still a lot to learn, there’s still a lot to come. Just be patient.”

— Femke

Key takeaways

1 | Struggles will change as you navigate through your career. As you earn your stripes, some struggles will ease… and new struggles will take their place!

2 | Not everyone will experience your struggle in the same way. Something that you struggle with, or see as a flaw, might be one of the reasons that you are a successful team member. For example, becoming emotionally invested in your work may feel uncomfortable but your colleagues might appreciate your honesty and dedication to your work.

3 | A unexpected catalyst might force you to confront your struggles and make you form new habits. As your circumstances change, so will your ability to assess the areas of your personal or professional life where you are struggling and come up with a solution.

4 | You have a lot to learn, so try to be patient with yourself. Comparing yourself to others won’t help, setting time aside to rest and reflect will.

Show timestamps

00:00 What we want to achieve and what stops us
01:24 Catch up
06:40 Our Struggles
12:10 Struggling with patience
14:10 Projecting timelines
18:30 The question of now
20:15 Estimating comes with experience
21:40 Personal struggles
28:00 Not every struggle is a flaw
29:13 Struggles that no longer bother us
35:00 The importance of patience when facing your struggles

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