Episode 019

019: How to find Inspiration

Inspiration isn’t just a pretty image you find on Dribbble, it’s a way of looking at things in a new light. In this episode we discuss what it means to be inspired and our approach to gathering inspiration.

We touch on the perils of your work being a little too inspired by someone else’s, and how finding inspiration in unlikely places could be a solution to that.

“If you want to find it, inspiration will be there”

— Charli

Show timestamps

0:50 – Intro and check in

3:45 – What inspiration means to us

6:15 – Subconscious inspiration

7:25 – Purposefully seeking inspiration

10:30 – Collecting physical inspiration

11:30 – Using Pinterest to save inspiration

14:00 – How inspiration fits into our process

15:20 – Dribbble

17:00 – Why you shouldn’t copy someone’s work directly

18:45 – Our listener’s thoughts on inspiration

20:00 – Following creatives to make social media a better use of your time

23:50 – Learning to look at things in a new way

24:35 – Inspiration doesn’t have to be justified or explained

26:25 – What does inspiration mean to our listeners

28:50 – Advice for seeing inspiration in everything

30:15 – How important is inspiration?

32:40 – Creative block (which will be next week’s episode!)


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