Episode 023

023: Being your own worst critic

Critiquing your own work is an important skill to learn, especially when it comes to side projects. When you set yourself a brief, you have to learn to look at your work in a new light and see it from an outside perspective to truly make it the best it can be. In this episode we share tips for doing that and talk about the challenges of self-critique (like loving your work too much to see that something isn’t working).

“You owe it to yourself to critique your own work, because that’s what will make it the best it can be”

— Charli

Show timestamps

0:50 – Intro and catch up

5:07 – The challenges of learning to critique

8:24 – Stopping to critique the idea before diving in

10:15 – Our process for critiquing our own work

13:45 – How self-critique can help you explain things to clients

16:50 – Never being fully satisfied with your work

18:35 – Listener poll: Is it easier to critique others work or your own?

21:00 – Feeling emotionally attached to your work

22:50 – Asking others to critique your work

25:55 – Advice from our listeners about learning how to look at things with a critical eye

32:15 – Wrap up and last pieces of advice


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