Episode 049

049: The hustle mindset

Hustle is a buzz-word we see a lot these days. In this episode we discuss what it means to us, and the effect it has on our mental state and our work. It’s easy to feel a lot of pressure to hustle when you see others achieving so much, but it’s important not to let the hustle take over your life, so listen in for some advice on balancing that.

“Hustle should be about making your life what you want it to be”

— Charli

Key takeaways

Hustle can mean obsessively working all the time and pushing everything else aside, or it can mean a mode you switch on for a period of time when you really need to get something done. It’s up to you.

As young creatives we feel a lot of pressure to achieve great things and work hard. We see each others output online and we try to keep up with each other, but remember that most people put their best foot forward on social media. You’re not seeing their down time.

The best way to use hustle as an inspiration rather than feeling pressured by it is to see it as working hard and smart at the right time, but not all the time.

Show timestamps

00:35 – Intro & catch up

04:40 – What does hustle mean?

06:40 – Pressure

08:45 – The hustle ’switch’

16:20 – Achieving at a young age

20:20 – Redefining what hustle means

26:15 – Our listener’s thoughts on hustle

31:20 – How to see hustle in a positive light

33:40 – A request for our special edition episode

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