Episode 080

080: Our plans for the Design Life community

Design Life will soon be launching a community! In this episode we share in depth our plans for the community and tell you everything you need to know about the beta launch, as well as talk about the value we’ve gotten from being surrounded by like-minded people.

“We’re excited to start this community and give you a space to find people who will be supportive of your dreams, no matter what they are.”

— Charli

Key takeaways

The Design life community will be a safe space for you to talk with and get advice from other motivated creatives. We’ll have open discussions about issues facing us in the creative industry and hopefully all help each other!

Community members will get mp3 downloads of our episodes, and other resources we create to help you put the advice we give on the show into action.

You can get immense value from being around like-minded people who are also hustling on their side projects. We want to give you a space to meet the people who will have a positive impact on your work.

Show timestamps

00:20 – Intro and catch up

06:10 – Announcing the Design Life community

9:20 – What to expect from the community

12:50 – What we’re most looking forward to

16:15 – Future plans for the community

25:30 – The value we’ve gotten from being around like-minded people

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