Episode 082

082: When your ideas are bigger than your skillset

We have ideas all the time, and sometimes those ideas are so big that we don’t have the skillset to actually follow through on them. So what should you do when that happens? In this episode we discuss our approach to big ideas and the learning or asking for help that comes along with them.

“As a creative you can sometimes feel like you’re on your own little island, and we shouldn’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help from people around us.”

— Charli

Key takeaways

Big ideas can be overwhelming. Especially when so much of it is something new to you. It can be tempting to give up on the idea when you see a long, difficult road ahead, but start small and think about scaling the idea back to something you can start with to ease yourself in.


Scaling back the idea to a ‘phase 1’ before you start learning the skills you need to complete the big picture will give you momentum and make it easier to tackle the unknown.


Don’t be afraid of asking others to join forces on a side project. The person you have in mind might just be on the lookout for something to sink their teeth into!

Show timestamps

00:00 – Intro & catch up

07:40 – What our listeners do when their ideas are bigger than their skillset.

11:30 – Projects we’ve been wanting to work on but haven’t

19:30 – Learning for a project

23:10 – Motivating yourself to work on big projects

27:45 – Asking for help

36:00 – Watch our for your ideas snowballing

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