Episode 089

089: Personal vs professional

Do you feel like you need to be careful what you post online? Can you be yourself on social media? In this episode we discuss the divide between our personal and professional sides and how we handle this online. We’ll share thoughts on how this affects job prospects and some rules of thumb to follow.

“It's much more interesting to form a relationship with a person than with a brand”

— Femke

Key takeaways

1 | It’s always a good idea to think about what impression you’ll give off with the content you post. As a rule, don’t post anything you’d be embarrassed about your workmates, friends or family seeing!
2 | Opening up and being vulnerable online can be great for building deep personal connections with your followers. Of course not everything needs to be said online, and you should be selective with what you say. But don’t be afraid to share parts of yourself and your life along with your work.
3 | If your balance of personal and professional swings too far to the professional side it can make for a boring account to follow. It could feel impersonal and be harder for your audience to get to know you and feel connected to you.
4 | If you build a good reputation based on yourself, your process and your work ethic it can follow you throughout your career no matter what work you’re doing.

Show timestamps

0:00 Into and catch up (with exciting news from Femke!)
5:20 Do we feel like we have to careful what we put online?
11:50 Being vulnerable and opening up
14:30 Being TOO professional online
19:00 Building a reputation
24:20 Having separate twitter accounts
26:10 Being possibly controversial
29:00 Our listeners thoughts on separating personal and professional
35:40 Final words of advice

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