Episode 090

090: Job hunting

In this episode we’re kicking off the start of a new mini-series about finding a new job. To start with we’re talking about the job hunt process and giving you advice for where to look for your new role and how to research a company to see if it’s a place you’d like to work.

“Don’t try to “network”. Instead just meet people and make friends and connections”

— Charli

Key takeaways

1 | On LinkedIn and traditional job boards, there’s a lot of dirt you have to dig through before you find the gold. Sometimes it’s better to search on design-specific job boards, or to look directly on the website of companies you’re interested in.

2 | Research companies not just jobs. It’s a great idea to find companies you’re excited about, even if they don’t have a job posted at that point in time. Often they’re open to hearing from talented people who would be a good fit anyway!

3 | Be realistic with where your abilities are at when reading a job description, but don’t be put off if don’t have the exact number of years experience they’re asking for.

4 | If you’re making a shift in role, focus on how your past work and experience are relevant to the new job you’re applying for. There will always be some cross-over of skills you can talk about!

Show timestamps

00:00 Intro and catch up 
06:00 The first steps in the job hunt process and how Femke found her job at Uber
13:45 How Charli found her previous job
17:00 What to research about a company
20:00 Years of experience
23:15 Making a career/role shift
28:20 Job hunting in a different city from where you live
32:00 Advice from our listeners

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