Episode 092

092: Advice for applying to design jobs

Lets say you’ve already done the job hunt – you’ve narrowed it down to a select few companies you want to apply at. Now it’s time to prepare your application. In this episode we share our advice for your CV, cover letter and portfolio, as well as chat about the emotional side of the job application process.

“The most challenging part is maintaining the positivity that you can do it, because the process can be quite taxing”

— Femke

Key takeaways

1 | Hunting and applying for jobs is like a full time job in itself. You need to stick it out and prepare for a busy time until you find the right new job for you. This might mean cutting back on other activities to fit it in, but stay positive and remember it will hopefully only be for a limited period of time.


2 | Do what you can to limit your stress levels during the application process. Try not to feel desperate and apply to anything and everything in the hopes that something will stick. The less roles you apply to, the less you have to keep up with and the more tailored your application your will be.


3 | The point of your application is to show why you’ll be an asset in the role. Make it easy for the person reviewing your application to see this by providing a well-designed short CV, a tailored cover letter, and a portfolio that displays only your very best work. If you provide pages and pages of information for them to read they will likely skim it and miss something important. Challenge yourself to be concise!


Show timestamps

00:00 Intro and catch up
05:20 The hardest part of applying for a job
10:00 Time management with applying
14:00 Advice for your CV
19:50 Advice for your cover letter
24:00 Creating a unique application
28:05 Some quick words on portfolios
31:20 Applying for a role that’s different to what you’re currently in
33:50 Keeping your spirits up

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