Episode 097

097: How to start making money from side projects – with Nathan Barry

It’s time to start making money from your side projects. Designer/entrepreneur Nathan Barry joins us for this episode to share advice for selling products without seeming too pushy, setting goals for your side projects, and how to launch them. If you’ve been wanting to start earning money online, this episode will give you the advice and confidence to start doing it.

Key takeaways

It’s important to set a goal and expectations for your side project when you start it. Ask yourself: what is your bar for success? Is it money? Learning a new skill? Deciding on one doesn’t mean you can’t have both but knowing where your focus lies will help you determine the projects success.

No one feels like they’re being oversold or pitched too hard when it’s wrapped in beautiful design. It’s worth putting the effort in to beautiful, useful landing pages with well-written sales copy.

One of the most important things you can do to sell a product is build an audience. Put the focus on that at the start and nurture it.

The best way to build an audience? Give away knowledge for free. Link your content with your product by talking about the process that went in to creating it and share the things you learned along the way.

If you offer different packages of your product at different price points, you’re likely to double your revenue compared to if you just sold the product on its own.

Show timestamps

01:30 Introduction to Nathan
04:00 The first time Charli made money from a side hustle
05:50 Nathan’s first side project that made money
10:30 Why Charli’s t-shirt business has stayed small
13:15 Setting goals for your side projects
18:20 Selling without being pushy
23:30 How to spread the word
27:30 Charli’s next side project
31:20 Launching a product
36:20 The legalities of earning money from a side project
43:00 Last pieces of advice from Nathan

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